The SVET team consists of 5 modest professionals who share a passion for technology, outdoor experiences, recreation and hard work. Although we come from various professional backgrounds and vary in our personal interests, we are all crazily dedicated to the quality of what we do – currently, the SVET Light Bulb. In the development of simple remote-controlled LED light bulbs, we noticed that all LED bulbs that existed on the market were generally pretty mediocre. Their lighting properties were mostly the same, and the manufacturers weren’t really interested in making them health-friendly. Personal lighting was strictly utilitarian, while it could be so much more.

We realized we had great potential to change the lighting industry, and it reshaped our outlook on what we do, as well as why and for whom we do it. It was a big step from standard light sources to human-centric, personalized lighting, and we’re proud we made it. We believe that lighting should be created with comfort and health in mind, not just energy efficiency.