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1x SVET Light Bulb A21 or BR30 with E26/27 screw base or bayonet cap at your choice. We will ask you via email about your preference.

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4x Enthusiast Set (2x A21 + 2x BR30)

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5x Workplace Set (5x A21/BR30)

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10x Apartment Set (10x A21/BR30)

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15x Multi-Purpose Set (15x A21/BR30)

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100x Corporate Set (100x A21/BR30)

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SVET is a LED light bulb with the highest quality light output, which mimics the natural light to help you to improve your health and mental state.



SVET creates dynamic lighting scenarios depending on your biological rhythm to benefit your health. SVET bulbs will normalize your biological clock by automatically adjusting light during your waking hours in order to give you a sufficient portion of the morning, noon and evening light.