Science of light

The main aspects of how light influences us can be broken down into three categories: vision, emotion, and physiology.


From the lighting point of view, it is important to have the maximum visual comfort to perform different tasks during the day. This includes the light source to dynamically change its color temperature and intensity. Standard household lighting solutions output light in a poor spectrum, which means that everything you see under artificial light has distorted colors. The rich-spectrum lighting of SVET allows you to see the colors of your surroundings with minimal distortions. This is very important for our vision and well-being as natural colors are more comfortable for the eyes.


Our emotions are connected to the lighting environment surrounding us (just ask any Ayurvedic or Integrative Medicine Practitioner). SVET lighting creates the sense of aesthetics, comfort, and well-being achieved by providing the right lighting based on your activity type and time of day. You select your activity type and the lighting will be adjusted to support you. SVET offers a variety of presets for different activities. Depending on the selected preset and time of day, SVET will fine-tune your current lighting for maximum work performance, comfort or relaxation. Here is the basic lighting scenario for your day:


The effects of light on human physiology are all but completely ignored by contemporary lighting industry. With SVET, we intend to buck this trend. Our bodies naturally align to the sun's light cycle, and much like the sun, a good health-centric light source should support our circadian rhythm. SVET can fully replicate natural light phases, from sunrise to sunset, and automatically tune the duration of each lighting period to fit your daily regimen. And a range of presets for different activities ensures you get the best lighting environment for any kind of work, fitness or leisure.