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"SVET is a new, forward-thinking lighting company that strives to deliver the next generation of human-centric and environmentally conscious light bulbs."

"SVET is a PITCH finalists at RISE conference 2016 in Hong Kong."

"SVET is focused on health benefits, high-quality lighting, and automated control"

"There are small changes we can be making to ourselves and in this case our environment that will enable us to achieve more each day & live happier, more productive & fulfilling lives"

"one company SVET is becoming the go-to source to purchase these bulbs that not only help the environment, but also help reduce your own stress and quality of life in general."

"Sleep masks, proper light bulbs, and other elements help people to improve their feelings and health."

"They opted for full spectrum (day light equivalent) lights that help improve contrast, color perception and reduce eye strain overall."

"SVET Is A Healthier Way To Live"

"Its LED light bulb is crafted to mimic natural light in accordance with the time of day."

"Want a better night’s sleep? SVET will automatically soften the lighting towards evening hours for maximum comfort and relaxation."

"The intuitive lightbulb provides a more natural way for consumers to light their homes."

"So if you need a bulb for yoga, SVET’s green light setting will do that."

"SVET constantly tunes the lighting based on the user’s biological rhythm, so you will get the most out of it using it at home, for prolonged periods of time."

"SVET is about to change the way we see and use light bulbs for the better!"

"Winterdipje? Deze lamp is misschien wel de oplossing"