SVET is a LED light bulb with the highest quality light output, which mimics the natural light to help you to improve your health and mental state.



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SVET creates dynamic lighting scenarios depending on your biological rhythm to benefit your health. SVET bulbs will normalize your biological clock by automatically adjusting light during your waking hours in order to give you a sufficient portion of the morning, noon and evening light.


Stressless wakeups

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up refreshed and alert? SVET offers a stressless sunlight alarm clock. Make your wakeups easy and effortless with SVET dawn lighting in your bedroom.

Improved natural sleep

Want a better night’s sleep? SVET automatically softens the lighting towards evening hours to calm you down and ease you into sleep. SVET supports your body clock throughout the day, especially in the morning and evening.

Stay energized or relaxed when you need it!

SVET offers a variety of presets for different activities. Depending on the selected preset and time of day, SVET will fine-tune your current lighting for maximum work performance, comfort or relaxation.

Safe for your eyes!

The rich-spectrum lighting of SVET allows you to see the colors of your surroundings with minimal distortions. This is very important for our vision and well-being as natural colors are more comfortable for the eyes.

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